[ W H Y  W E  L O V E  B L A C K  J A C K ]

     Just what is it about Black Jack that can (literally) make fans of him overnight? Is it his bad boy charm? Is it his voice? Is it the fact that he comes in both dry and wet? I have compiled a list of the top ten reasons why we love him so much.

#10. A Man in Uniform

My sister, Angie, has so loving dubbed this picture the “panty shot”.     I know from personal experience that chicks totally dig guys in uniform, what with me being a chick and all. I can tell you, there is hardly a thing hotter than a bunch of uniformed sailors walking past you in the mall. And of course, Black Jack is Don't I look so totally Japanese? Oh, yeah, baby!no exception to this rule. Technically, he's required to wear sterilized clothing when he operates,Sensei suitin' up. or else he'd risk contaminating the patient. But still, we love a man who looks totally professional while doing his thing. And I'd like to think that the mask makes him look rather mysterious, as well.

#9. He's All Wet

Apparently, Black Jack doesn't mind getting wet. I like that.     In the OAV, there are multiple occasions during which Black Jack is completely, soaking wet. Now... What sort of significance could that possibly have?

     Puh-lease. Do I really need to explain myself? Because, man, it is pretty obvious.

     Not only do these instances occur considerably often, but they also contribute to Black Jack's interestingly esoteric sex appeal, the likes of which I will discuss in further detail when I get to reason #2.

#8. The Voice

Black Jack reflecting upon one of Pinoko's little fits.     When you read a manga, what a character's voice sounds like is left up to you and your imagination. But when you suddenly bring that comic book character to life, you had better be sure that you can find a voice to match that character's personality.

He even sounds sexy on the phone!     With Black Jack, he needs to be able to sound cool, calm, and collected. Thanks to Akio Otsuka's and Sean Thornton's wonderful voice talents, Black Jack has an added level of awesomeness. Whether he's doing his noir-style narration for us, thoughtfully contemplating another mystery, or just belting out all those confusing medical terms, you can be certain that what he's saying will be drool-worthy on the account of his sexy voice.