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     Sometimes, there are just some things that don't really go anywhere. So here they are! If you have a Black Jack-related thingy, please send it on its way to this email address. You'll get credit, too!

So mind-crushingly adorable.
I wonder what sort of pokemon Black Jack would choose...?
     Green Bird enjoys making making anime characters out out pre-existing graphics, like this Hello Kitty and trainer from a Pokemon game. She kindly made Black Jack ones for me! Thank you, Green Bird! That Hello Kitty Black Jack is so adorable!
Kiriko is dressed to kill. Literally.

     This is my Gaia avatar from the online community, Gaia Online. Since I couldn't make mine look like Black Jack, I made it look like Kiriko, instead. (I think he looks rather dashing, no?) And I even changed my username to Doctor Kiriko!
     My friend Daeva owns and runs a wonderful pixel doll site, and along with some fan art, she also donated some Black Jack-themed dolls! If you plan on using them elsewhere, remember to link them back to her site.


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