[ R U L E S ]

1. First and most importantly, you must be a fan of Black Jack. I can't think of anything more pointless than subscribing to a fanlisting for a character you didn't even like.

2. You don't need a website to join. Just a name and location. However, if you do have a website, please be polite and take use of one of my fabulous codes. Display it in a sensible area of your page for all to see and link it back to Anathema.

3. If you decide to submit your website address when you join, please be sure you link back to Anathema within two weeks of your registration, or else I might decide to remove your URL from display. (Hey, man... You gotta pimp your fanlistings!)

4. This isn't a rule, per se, but for both my and your sake, don't register yourself under some silly, half-baked nickname you'll just end up regretting you called yourself. That's just embarassing.

5. There is no rule #5.

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