[ R E C O M M E N D E D  C H A R A C T E R S ]

     It seems like Black Jack isn't the only bad boy on the block. Anime is chock full of other lovable, angsty rebels that I guarantee you're bound to love, too! Here are my personal favorites.
A L E X  R O W E
(Last Exile)
;___;     Alex Rowe is the aloof-yet-gloomy captain of the infamous airship, Sylvana. With it, he goes around and causes all sorts of mischief in the skies of Anatoray, and is feared as a ruthless and invincible outlaw. When he isn't sitting in his captain's chair on the bridge, occasionally uttering a few orders to his crew, or mysteriously appearing in random places about the ship, he is moping about in his quarters, secretly plotting...

     Like Black Jack, Alex has an unspoken presence about him, merely by the way looks and acts. An interesting way to put it is that he is the center of a very dark and unnerving aura. Cold and calculating, he maintains perfect command over his crew, and instills fear and resentment in all others. He doesn't speak very often, but when he does, he has the kind of voice that sort of makes you shiver a bit when you hear it. Above all, Alex is remarkably stoic. He is a man of few words and even fewer smiles.

Alex partaking in his beloved pasttime of moping alone in his quarters.

      However, much of Alex is hidden from the world. Behind the hair covering his face, there is a scar that runs down his forehead. Behind his emotionless exterior, there lies a tortured past he desperately seeks to rectify. Years of plotting revenge has taken its toll upon his heart, leaving him an unfeeling shell of a man from what he used to be. He has become the most dangerous captain in the sky so that one day, he may exact his revenge upon Maestro Delphine, queen of the all-powerful Guild and the woman Alex believes is the sole person responsible for the death of his beloved fiancé.

     Hopefully, this has given you a taste of what Alex Rowe has to offer. This is the closest thing to a smile that Alex can muster.Although he's really only a secondary character in the series, I still think he's the best one it has. (In my opinion, the two main characters, Claus and Lavie, are insanely irritating.) Range Murata had planned on in the very early stages of Last Exile to make Alex the main character of the story. It is a sad shame that did not happen in the end, for Alex is a character that should have gotten much more attention than he did.