ME: JAPANESE! Japanese everywhere! -->

ME: It's eating away at me like the plague. {{WASTED! :XD: Boo-yeah, gramma!}} -->

BLACK JACK: BEHOLD! It is I, your emaciated savior come to save you from this madness and sweep you off to a fantasy-land where you and I shall live together forever in mind-numbing bliss! -->

BLACK JACK: And where better to deliver you from your condition than the very land that embodies pure mental insanity... JAPAN! {{JAPAN... LAND OF ARTISTS YOU'LL NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER BE BETTER THAN! (You dirty American she-dog.)}} -->

ME: Holy fook. -->

BLACK JACK: Ah, yes, you delusional, sickening little child. Even I, the bleeding genius that I am, could not have put that better. And now, if you have properly lost all pathetic shreds of your simple mind, I will finish this once and for all. -->

Never Mind -->


ME: OH, SENSEI! This is truly the moment I was brought into being for! {{Love, love, love}} -->

BLACK JACK: :pissedoff: -->

BLACK JACK SILENCE! SILENCE, INSOLENT YANKEE TROLLOP! I do not, nor have I ever, intended to do you anything that would do you any good. Clearly, your perverted adoration of me has earned you unspeakable pain and pyschological damage, but I shall do nothing to relieve it! I refuse to feed into your twisted illusions and lies. Instead, you shall burn for your sickness. -->

Never, ever, I pray thee, ever visit Japanese fan art websites featuring Black Jack (and subsequent, er, pairings wherein), especially when half-awake and listening to Janne Da Arc.