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     WARNING! You are visiting outside sites now, you know. I have no control over what sort of content they might have. The Japanese fan art sites in particular could even cause excessive brain pain due to things such as YAOI, VIOLENCE/NUDITY, and JUST PLAIN WEIRDNESS. Consider yourself duly warned.
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Froth-Bite Fansubs Go here to get the torrents for the Black Jack anime!
Anime News Network
Up-to-date news on anything and everything anime/manga related. Also contains a large database for almost every anime and manga imaginable, voice actors and actresses, reviews, columns, and much more.
My other website, complete with bits of anime art and useless things.
Kuroi Ishi
Another TAFL-approved fanlisting for Black Jack! Yes, that's right. Daeva and I both own Black Jack fanlistings approved by TAFL, but hers is just under a different category. Why join just one Black Jack fanlisting when you could join TWO?
[ J A P A N E S E ]
Tezuka Osamu @World
The official Osamu Tezuka website whose very fine English version offers a host of information about our favorite manga-ka, his life, and his works.
The official Japanese Black Jack site! Contains a lot of... well... Japanese, but it's totally worth checking out, anyway.

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