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V is for Victory!
     I've done my darndest to help make Anathema the best possible website it can be. Here are some really interesting things I'd like you to know about it!

     Man... I love pictures! I especially love pictures of Black Jack. So that's no small wonder that I made this site with tons of pictures all over the place. Be sure that you scroll over each one for a witty comment!

     I've gone and scoured my DVDs for screenshots and all but ruined my manga's bindings (all TWO of them... *cough-cough-lousy-Viz-cough-cough*) scanning pictures in for your enjoyment! I've also taken the liberty of flipping all manga pictures so that they face the original Japanese right-to-left way. Why leave Black Jack with his beautiful face and scruffy hair facing the wrong direction?


Huh? Since when was my scar on the RIGHT side of my face?!
(English left-to-right)
Ahh. That's more like it.
(Japanese right-to-left)

Pinoko's true aspiration.
<--  <--  <--
Read the bubbles starting from the right and going to the left.

     There! It's much better right-to-left. I don't know how much of a difference it makes to you, but I know I like Black Jack looking his best!

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