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Our esteemed founder.     Huzzah! Thank you for visiting my website! Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Amy, the webmistress of Anathema and Black Jack fan extraordinare. Nice to meet you!

     Hey... Wait a cotton-pickin' minute, here. Why is this place called "Anathema"? What the heck kinda name is that supposed to be? And what does it have to do with Black Jack?

     An anathema is a cursed and detested person, cast into exile from the rest of society... A taboo, as it were. And that is why I think it fits Black Jack like a glove.

Yes, Black Jack. We know you don't have one... We just don't know why.     I mean... That's what he is... An anathema. He has no medical license for whatever reason, charges astronomical fees for each and every one of his operations, and is considered nothing but an insult to the rest of the legal medical world.

Black Jack depressed over a seemingly uncurable patient.

     However awful that all seems to be, Black Jack is still a man very compassionate and devoted to his patients. He wants nothing more than to save the lives of those who come to him for his help, no matter how high he charges them.

     So thus he lives on the shadowy edges of society, stranded there with no way to ever come back again. And it is there he waits for the next opportunity to reach out and help another person from the verge of death.

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