[ F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D ]
[ Q U E S T I O N S ]

     I find FAQs to be rather obnoxious, really, but they can also be quite amusing if written properly. So here's the obligatory entertaining-yet-slightly-informative FAQ for Anathema!

Q: Who are you and what are you doing here?
     A: I'm Amy, the head honcho of this here website. Here's my biography page, if you are so inclined to find out some worthless information about me.

Q: Yeah, thanks, kid. Hey. In this site, why do you talk about Black Jack like you know absolutely everything about him? You're no Tezuka scholar, either!
     A: I believe it's the effort that counts. I try hard and I have good intentions. I just really like Black Jack, that's all. And as for my total knowledge about all this, well, I'm hoping that sounding smart will be enough to cover my arse.

Q: Stellar. Now, I'm confused. I know Black Jack and Pinoko, but who's that creepy-looking guy with the long, gray hair and the eye patch I keep seeing in the fan art? (A freakin' eye patch, for chrissake!)
Kiriko, the guy I'm talking about.     A: Oh, him? That's Kiriko. You don't see him in any of the American stuff aside from the fourth episode of the OAV. Basically, he's a renegade doctor who specializes in euthanasia (that's assisted suicide, for those who don't know). Naturally, Black Jack doesn't approve the use of medicine for such a thing like that, so he and Kiriko are archrivals.

Q: "Archrivals", huh? Well, by the looks of some of those fan art drawings by your friends there, Black Jack and Kiriko seem to get along pret-ty well, if you ask me. A little too well. What, in god's name, is up with that crap?
     A: Never mind that. It's just shounen-ai. And it's not crap, either. I happen to like it a lot.

Q: What the-- None of this makes a single lick of sense! How could you approve of such a thing?
     A: Looking at it realistically, I doubt Black Jack and Kiriko could even stay in the same room without gutting each other to death by scalpels if given the chance, more or less want to get into the other's pants. And that's just plain impossible. They're archrivals, after all, like Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Moriarity. Oil and water. But from an obsessed and crazed fan girl's point of view, it's downright hot. Hopelessly, hopelessly hot.

Q: You know what? I don't even want to know why you find that sort of thing hot--
     A: It's quite simple, really. Fan girls are often strongly attracted to things like shounen-ai and yaoi since they fulfill certain psychological ideals about--

Q: Shut up! The instant you said the word "psychological", I wanted to puke my guts out. About the last thing I need is another fan girl trying to explain to me the sick logic behind yaoi. Now, could we please go on with the FAQ? I still have a few questions left for you to answer.
     A: Oh. Okay. Sorry. Please continue.

Q: Finally. So tell me... Do you seriously expect people to come to this website? Because it's about some nobody character from some old-timey comics that look like they've been drawn by Disney and some ridiculously strange anime cartoons, you know.
     A: I swear, you're doing this to me on purpose. And yes, I do expect people to come to this site. Believe it or not, there are a few people out there who are as interested in Black Jack as I am.

Q: Hey, whatever gets you through your day. I want to know something. Will this place go belly-up like every other "acquired taste" website you've made in the past? As I recall, you seem to go through fads like a chain smoker through packs of cigarettes.
     A: I'll never know until I find out. I'm hoping the fanlisting element of this place will be enough of a responsibility for me to keep this place alive.

Q: Now, I hate to admit it, but I'm jealous of the fact that you have seemed to procure some images from the Black Jack manga that was not published here in America. Where did you get them?
     A: From my very, very lovely friend, Laurazel, who lives in Italy. Incidentally enough, there, the manga is being published in full. Go figure.

Q: ...Could you... send me a few pages?
     A: No.

Q: Argh. Fine! Be that way. Anyway... Moving on... Let me get this straight. There's a Black Jack anime now? I've never heard of this before! And where do you get your pictures from it?
     A: Well, I was even more surprised than you when I heard about this amazing phenomenon. Eventually, and I don't remember how, I got my hands on a fansub of the series that is still running in Japan today. The place? Froth-Bite.com. That's how I got the screenshots. If you've got a lot of extra time and a decent internet connection, I highly suggest checking it out. The anime series is lighter than the manga and the OAV, and Pinoko is often quite hilarious!

Q: One last question... Is this silly Q & A over yet? Some of us have real lives to get back to, you know.
     A: It's over when you stop asking the questions, kiddo.

Q: Excellent. So long! Don't forget to take the time to eat! And some therapy wouldn't hurt, either.
     A: Yeah, right. See you, space cowboy.