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There are three Black Jacks. The original one is from the manga...

Black Jack
Why did he choose to name himself Black Jack? I don't know! It is a really cool alias, though.

Real Name:
Kuro Hazama
I never thought that I'd ever learn his real name, but I guess they tell you, anyway.

Year Born:
Ahh! Don't start freaking out yet! You have to remember that the manga was first published in 1973.
...then, there's the one from the OAV/movie...
When I calculate together the year of his birth and the year the manga was published, he ends up being a spry 24 years old. Personally, I think that is total bull crap, since he doesn't look or act like a young 20-something anime character typically would, and he really should be at least six years older than that. (Then, you've got to remember about the whole graduating high school at the age of eighteen thing, then spending eight years in medical school, but god knows if he actually stayed in there that long. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't.)
Family: Mother (Deceased)
Father (Estranged)
...and the one from the anime series.
As if his real name weren't enough of a give-away. Black Jack is all Japanese, baby!
Physician (Unlicensed)
Best goddamn surgeon in the goddamn world.

On an island off the coast of Japan.
I remember reading somewhere what area of Japan it was, but now I've gone forgotten it...

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