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Site Name: Anathema
Address: http://blackjack.paradigm-city.com
Date Published: Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
Webmistress: Amy [ more info -> ]
Purpose of Site:
To be the only Black Jack fanlisting on the 'net (that I know of), and to educate the ignorant masses of the eternal awesomeness of Black Jack.
Made On:
Dreamweaver MX 2004, Windows XP Professional, 1024 X 768 resolution
About Site:
     It was during a metaphorical "renaissance" and revival of my interest in Black Jack (I believe around the time I met Xel and Laurazel) that the idea of making Anathema dawned upon me. I was particularly astounded that I had never thought of it before--I had been in love with Black Jack ever since I had finished reading the first manga for the first time, and that over half a year prior to my getting the idea of a BJ site, I had spent large amounts of time on a The Big O fansite. Not only is said website, called Dominus Dei, about an anime I only have a casual interest in, but I haven't even bothered finishing it completely. (Ironically enough, much of this site is based off of many of Dominus Dei's design principles.)

     So the decision to make Anathema was not a hard one at all. I already had everything I needed... Manga (and some from Laurazel to fill in the gap), DVDs, sheer pluck, my devotion to Black Jack, and most importantly, my profound respect for Osamu Tezuka. It was, and still is, my duty as a fan to share with the world a site about the doctor it never knew it loved.
Special Thanks:
     I owe a very big thank-you to Krang, the man who not only brought me and my friends the most fantastic forums ever online, but who also graciously hosted this website. I am thankful to have met you, comrade!

     Thank you, Xel and Laurazel, for inspiring me to make this site. You two are the most kind and thoughtful friends I could ever hope for! Even though we live in different parts of the world, I hope this site brings us a little closer together.

     I believe the most important person in this whole ordeal was Osamu Tezuka. Thank you, Tezuka-san, for having brought the world so many wonderful stories and characters! Your memory lives on forever in your art and just as you wished, in the hearts of those all around the world.

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